HEAL ME RUB – 1/2 oz reviving, immune booster




used for: fatigue – lack of energy, weak constitution, viral chest conditions (cold & flu)

how to use: rub on neck, chest and back (if necessary) 3 times a day as needed


used for: warts, athlete’s foot, toe nail fungus, bed sores, bug bites (spiders, mosquitos….)

used for: viral infections (including Shingles)

how to use: apply to infected areas 2-3 times/day as needed


used for: ear infections, tinnitus, ear wax build-up…

how to use: apply a small amount with your fingers and rub around ear and on outer ear, use as needed


contains: pure Ravensara, Inophyllum, Bergamot E.O. blend, in organic Hemp, Calendula, Jojoba,Vitamin E base