Posted on April 8, 2022

are so essential in our Skin Care


I could not imagine my skin care without using a toner. This is like obsessing with healthy nutrition and forgetting to drink plenty of water. Our body consists in average of 75% of water. It is that water content that also makes our skin look supple and hydrated, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.

Toning, means closing pores to lock moisture in your skin to protect it from the environment

IMPORTANT Benefits of Toners

cleanses, removing makeup residue

important step of hydration

improves circulation and skin tone

give your skin a healthful glow

balances PH levels

minimizes pore size and wrinkles

anti-inflammatory and cooling

helps your skin receive the nourishment your natural skin care products (serums, eye treatments and moisturizers) provide.

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What makes our Toners so unique?

As I was making another batch of our Moisturizing Toner, I was again reminded how wonderful the ingredients really are.


is made with organic Aloe Vera Gel, that is cooling, wound healing and protects the skin;

organic Rose Water is anti-inflammatory, nourishing and reduces redness.


Geranium balances the sebum production in our skin while stimulating cell regeneration;

Australian Sandalwood helps with both aging and mature skin, and prevents dry spots;

the anti-inflammatory properties of Jasmine and Chamomile help prevent and treat skin irritations.

About Gudi

Gudi Rubbo is the owner of Gudi’s Aromatherapy, located in Encinitas California. She was born and raised in Vienna Austria and has been residing in America now for over thirty years. Gudi grew up in Austria using Essential Oils as part of basic body and health care. While living here in America she has crafted a full line of aromatherapy products from pure essential oil blends to natural skin care and synergy blends for the body.