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Posted on January 27, 2021

We received a testimonialI’d like to share with you:

Just wanted to take a moment and tell you all how thankful I am for Gudi Rubbo and her products. A few weeks back my little household came down with COVID-19. Chills, aching back, extreme fatigue, slight fevers, hard core chest congestion, did I mention fatigue? I had swollen glands in places I didn’t know we had glands. Lost taste and smell and these symptoms dragged on. Every time we thought we would get better we went right back down. About a week and a few days into symptoms I received a surprise box from Gudi’s Aromatherapy. My husband and I immediately started using Gudi’s immune support, cough rub, and arthritis massage oil. Game changer!! After two days the chest congestion was basically gone, and after day three we were good. I was so impressed, and beyond thankful.I would recommend having these products on hand. My husband and I have continued using Gudi’s immune support because we believe it will keep us strong through cold and flu season. FYI I haven’t asked my husband to continue using Gudi’s immune support blend, and he is not the type to regularly use anything unless I give it to him, so I know he must like it and believe in it. Bonus it actually tastes good. I’ve used other tinctures that are awful and too strong.Please check out these products, and support Gudi’s Aromatherapy! Thank you Gudi and Phil for continuing to make products that work, and thank you for your beautiful hearts! — Sarah

Protection against Diseases



anti-viral immune support for the lymphatic systemUSES AND APPLICATION:• protects the portals of the face (ears, nose, mouth & eyes) rub on neck (lymph nodes), forehead and chest• for Viral Conditions, Flu & Bronchitis massage to chest, neck (lymph nodes) & face as needed• Cold & Flu, Chest Congestion for childrenmassage small amounts to neck (lymph nodes) forehead & chest 2-3 times daily or as needed• home use or air travel


This herbal Tincture helps to fight sore throat, sinus congestion and respiratory illness that invades our respiratory tract. Calms coughs. • Prevention for Cold & Flu Season• Sore Throats• Post Nasal Drip• Sinus Congestion see more…


Extremely helpful for RESPIRATORY ILLNESSES like Colds, Flu and COVID19. Very warming to help your body fight.
It contains oils like Ginger, Eucalyptus that are crucial in fighting off respiratory diseases.
Use as a chest and back rub.

About Gudi

Gudi Rubbo is the owner of Gudi’s Aromatherapy, located in Encinitas California. She was born and raised in Vienna Austria and has been residing in America now for over thirty years. Gudi grew up in Austria using Essential Oils as part of basic body and health care. While living here in America she has crafted a full line of aromatherapy products from pure essential oil blends to natural skin care and synergy blends for the body.