Why the Skin Loves 

Posted on March 7, 2023



Calendula is another herb infused* oil and comes from the Marigold family. Calendula officianalis excels in healing and moisturizing and has traditionally been used for first aid ointments. Calendula has excellent healing and anti-inflammatory properties, and is appropriate for damaged, inflamed or irritated skin, especially wounds, ulcers, eczema, dry and chapped skin…

MACERATED OILS, or HERB INFUSED oils contain the nutrients of the complete plant, which we like to use as a carrier, to enhance a therapeutic effect of the essential oil blend (a carrier oil should always complement the Essential Oil blend.)

Maceration is the process of infusing cold pressed, organic extra virgin olive oil, with organic herbs. This process takes at least 6 months to dissolve the Phyto nutrients (water-soluble parts of the herb) as well as the essential oils into the oil base. We never rush the process by heating the oil or exposing it to sunlight.

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About Gudi

Gudi Rubbo is the owner of Gudi’s Aromatherapy, located in Encinitas California. She was born and raised in Vienna Austria and has been residing in America now for over thirty years. Gudi grew up in Austria using Essential Oils as part of basic body and health care. While living here in America she has crafted a full line of aromatherapy products from pure essential oil blends to natural skin care and synergy blends for the body.