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3 1/2" high aroma lamp -  hand carved out of soap stone. Colors may vary. (Polish your aromalamp with vegetable oil for shiny surface and deeper color). This is a great aromalamp for diffusing Essential Oils as well as Frankincense granules.


The Aroma Lamp - Hand Carved Soap Stone Burner (Made in India):

The Aroma Lamp lends ambiance to your home and transform it into a place that is warm and inviting. This is the traditional way of passively diffusing oils. This is a slow, steady diffusing for Essential Oils blends.

Fill the top bowl of the diffusre with water and add a few drops of Essential Oils, light a tea light at the bottom of the diffuser. As the water evaporates, it carries the Essential Oils into the evironment, releasing their scents to fill your living space. This type of diffusion does not create any residue or smoke as there is with incense burning, making diffusing of essential oils by far not only safer and cleaner but better for your repertory health.

Typically, the effect of citrus oil blends will last 1 to 1 1/2 hours, while florals last 1 to 2 hours and woods and spices 2 hours or more.

Using aroma lamps you are not limited to which oil blends you want to use. Fill the bowl at the top of the aroma lamp with water, added a few drops (6-12 drops) of Essential Oils and light a tea light.As the water evaporates, molecules of your Essential Oils blend are released into the evironment. You will need to re-fill the bowl of the aroma lamp with water as it evaporates. You may not need to add more oils. Using a diffuser with a larger bowl will require less maintenance (having to replenish the evaporated water in the bowl).


Note: Colors of aroma burners may vary - we cannot guarantee colors. The burners come packaged and ready for shipment from India to your home. (The image shows the Star Moon Aromalamp polished and unpolished to demonstrate how colors will pop and surface will be nice and shiny - use olive oil or jojoba oil…)

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