It’s all in the Details!

Posted on February 19, 2021

I just finished a new batch of our lovely Geranium/Aloe Vera Complexion Bar. This must really be my favorite cleansing bar. I use it in the shower and as part of my daily skin care routine.Even though the wrapping is time consuming it’s a time for me to reflect and meditate. After all, the presentation of our products is just as important as our extensive research, product development, sourcing of the best ingredients, and then the blending itself – it’s all in the details!

The Essential Oil Blend in our Geranium Bar

is also found in one of our favorite diffusing oil blends:Sweet Geranium. It is a wonderfully floral, grounding, calming and feminine blend with 100% pure Rose Geranium, Sandalwood (from India), Rosewood and Rose Essential oils. Especially for those who love the robustly alluring scent of Geraniums. Every one of the oils in this blend are considered very precious (and for the most part rare).A wonderful blend to use in your aroma lamp or ultrasonic diffuser to create a soothing, pleasant ambiance. Can be added to unscented lotions or in oil base.

• it helps to balance hormones

• helps you be composed and in control of emotions

• it is soothing and calming

• feminine

• grounding

• topically used, geranium balances the sebum production of your skin (helps with overly dry, or overly oily skin – that’s why we love it for our skin care)

Our Geranium/Aloe Vera Complexion Bar is a perfect companion to our Nourishing Skin Care regimen. All the different components of this set play a major role in gently cleansing, toning, nourishing, protecting and soothing your skin, giving it a healthy supple appearance and youthful glow. Nothing compares to the feeling of healthy, hydrated and nourished skin.NOURISHING SKIN CARE GIFT SET

In every order we receive we include a little surprise for you–
a sample of something we think you’d enjoy. It’s our way of saying “Thank You!”

About Gudi

Gudi Rubbo is the owner of Gudi’s Aromatherapy, located in Encinitas California. She was born and raised in Vienna Austria and has been residing in America now for over thirty years. Gudi grew up in Austria using Essential Oils as part of basic body and health care. While living here in America she has crafted a full line of aromatherapy products from pure essential oil blends to natural skin care and synergy blends for the body.