Geranium Aloe Vera Complexion & Cleansing Bar – 4 oz Glycerin Soap


Wonderfully balancing, soothing and hydrating GLYCERIN COMPLEXION BAR. GERANIUM and PALMAROSA balance the sebum production of your skin to create a radiant and healthy glow, while ROSE Essential Oil is anti-inflammatory and nourishing and pure SANDALWOOD Essential Oil prevents dryness. Soap is the closest thing that comes in contact with your skin. That’s why it is so important to select only the best, freshest and purest ingredients available. All of our face and body bars are made with pure glycerin base, containing humectants, which draw moisture from the air into your skin and are very gentle and moisturizing especially for very sensitive skin.Benefits: balances the sebum production of the skin and helps with hormonal imbalances (PMS & menopause); it is anti-fungal, helps treat shingles, dermatitis, sluggish skin, eczema and acne. Ingredients: Glycerin Soap, organic Aloe Vera gel, Geranium Essential Oil blend.

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Weight 5 oz


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