Lemon/Mint Cream Bath and Body Bar – 4 oz Glycerin Soap


BRIGHT SOAP JEWELS imbedded in vanilla/milk cream. We drop cubes of zesty Lemon and bright Peppermint soap cubes in our rich Vanilla/Cream soap base. Wonderfully refreshing and invigorating, yet creamy and luscious. The Lemon cubes has our lovely, robust Sicilian Lemon Essential Oil, dried lemon zest and organic Aloe Vera. The Peppermint cubes get their minty-ness from our bright, yet sweet Peppermint supreme, dried mint leaves and our organic Aloe Vera. This marriage between textures and scents is stimulating and tart. Benefits: Lemon refreshing, cleansing, tonifying, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, stimulates sluggish circulation, stimulating, bright, lifts mood, motivating Peppermint  cooling, refreshing, increases circulation, great for digestive system, respiratory aid, tonic for nervous system Ingredients: Glycerin Soap, Lemon Zest, dried Mint leaves, organic Aloe Vera, dried Milk, pure Lemon, Peppermint and Vanilla Essential oils.

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Weight 5 oz


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